Thursday, April 01, 2004

Reaffirmation of American Independence

I will re-post this and re-post this and re-post this until you get excited about it!!

There is a resolution in the House of Representatives that needs your support. It says, essentially: Bleep You, Sandra Day O'Connor, AND the World Court you rode in on!

Only more tactfully -

"Six Supreme Court justices have written or joined opinions that cited foreign authorities -- including courts in Jamaica, India, Zimbabwe, and the European Union -- to justify its decisions. Lower Federal courts are beginning to follow this disturbing trend.

Article VI of the Constitution unambiguously states that the Constitution and federal statutes are the supreme law of the land."

You can write to your rep here. You'll need your entire zip code (long version) so go get your phone bill.

If you can't think of anything to say, feel free to copy and paste: Please support the Feeney/Goodlatte Reaffirmation of American Independence Resolution. Thank you.

If you wonder why such a resolution is needed, check out Ravenswood and The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler and Tech Central Station who says : "Two hundred thirty years ago, we fought a revolution so that Americans wouldn't be governed from Europe. It's high time the High Court was reminded of that bit of American history."

Some people on the left don't see the problem. I do.

People have died for this independence. So click some buttons for independence.

You know the moonbats get all the attention, to the point where congress and foreigners seem to think the moonbats represent the USA. Make yourself heard. It's easier - and kinder - to do it now, with a keyboard, than later with a gun.

Update: The Smallest Minority either agrees, or is linking to shut me up . . either way is fine. I just want congress to start realizing that a lot of people in the US happen to like the constitution.

Update II: Whoo Hoo! Obnoxious Fumes has a March 27 post, with a link to an automatic letter.

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