Saturday, April 24, 2004

Penis Envy Got Ya Down?

The May issue of First Freedom gives a Ban-Demonium award to Dr. Joyce Brothers for making silly statements:

"To most, the gun means added power, something that erases all feelings of inferiority, weakness, vulnerability and impotence. It's not irrelevant that guns, in themselves, are so frequently linked to sexuality and the male sex organ."

Oooooh - so that's why we have the second amendment! Thomas Jefferson had a little weenie!! Now I understand! It's all clear to me. . .

See, men who are secure in their masculinity apparently don't mind being enslaved under tyrants. Only those uncertain of their sexual prowess like freedom.

Damn - if I'd only realized that owning a gun would substitute for having/being a man, I would have gotten a bigger one! Preferably one that could climb up on the roof and brush off those tree limbs. Also one that can dance.

Gosh, I wonder what deep-seated neurosis afflicts the ACLU? Maybe as children, the ACLU's parents said "Children should be seen, and not heard" just one time too many. Yes, THAT explains it. And what's up with people who insist on search warrants before the police can snoop around your home? Whoa - got some issues there, I guess!

As a general rule, I like older folks but between her and Andy Rooney I may change my tune. Isn't there some sort of home for these people?

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