Friday, April 09, 2004

Keep putting one foot in front of the other, like a weasel in the snow

Kevin at The Smallest Minority has two sad posts about the loss of American liberty and the lack of concern at the same. I can't disagree with any of it, but the mom in me offers up this little Grimm's Fairy Tale (as near as I can remember it):

The Little Raindrop That Did What It Could

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who was very sad and scared, because it hadn't rained for a long, long time and his crops were starting to fail. He looked up into the sky every day, but all he saw was blue sky.

One day a raindrop was hanging around above the farmer's field with a few of his friends. There weren't enough raindrops to make a cloud, not enough to see anything from the ground. But the raindrop could see the farmer.

"Hey," says the raindrop. "That farmer's in trouble. Maybe we should head on down."

The raindrop's buddies laughed at him. "C'mon, are you crazy? There's, like, what, six of us? There'd have to be a million of us to do any good! That ground's so dry it's cracking!"

The Little Raindrop was a little stubborn. "Well, we could help a little bit."

The raindrop's buddies laughed again. But the Little Raindrop said "I don't care. I'm going down anyway. If I can't do anything else, maybe I can cheer him up." and he headed on down to the field, while the other raindrops just shook their heads.

But then a second raindrop said, "O what the heck. That guy's a nut, but I'm not doing anything right now anyway." So the second raindrop went down to the field.

Then a third.

Then some raindrops that were farther away noticed the action and came over to see what was happening. Then more . . then more. Then pretty soon, there was a whole cloud that rained down on the farmer's field, and his crops grew and he didn't go hungry that year.

All because one little raindrop did what it could.

And on that note, I'll quit blogging for now and try to compose a mature, reasoned and persuasive note to the Sheriff of Franklin Country, Ohio. James over at Hell in a Handbasket seems to think the Sheriff is not paying proper attention to the spirit of Ohio's new laws.

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