Saturday, April 10, 2004

Something Nice About People No One Ever Says Nice Things About

Congress: Yes, they are frequently vile blood-suckers utterly oblivious to the Consitution they've sworn to uphold. Nevertheless, in at least one instance, they did do something right, reasonable, and in line with the will of the people. There is now no marriage penalty OR marriage benefit in the income tax structure. Pat your congresscritter on the head!

Microsoft: Yes, they too are frequently vile bloodsuckers, writing bizarre programs that think they know what the user wants better than the user does. But Just for once, they were right. I was having problems with bizarre links creating themselves on my computer, and zillions and zillions of popup ads. Seems I inadvertently pressed 'yes' on some popup, and accidentally installed a hideous program that throws advertising at you like an islamofascist throwing stones at an adulterous woman. Microsoft XP has this nifty 'restore' feature that just sets your computer back to last week. It seems to have undone whatever bone-headed thing I managed to do. So if you see Bill Gates, pinch his cheeks for me and tell him he's a good boy.

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