Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Over My Head

Eric at Classical Values has a post that is completely over my head. Envy has nothing to do with why I hate artists. I hate them simply because, first, they hate me and all that I love. Secondly, they think displaying their hatred entitles them to adulation. Thirdly, they're a bunch of obnoxious, narcissistic, self-preening weenies.

I don't hate gays in general, and gays are most certainly entitled to recognition and protection of their contracts on the same level as heterosexuals; however I do hate the SF Gays who participated in the destruction of executive/judicial/legislative checks and balances with the same cold disdain I feel towards the New Orleans 5th circuit. Envy has nothing to do with why I hate the 5th Circuit or SF Gays. It's a desire for the constitution to mean something, and a dislike for those who would destroy it.

There is a certain amount of wistfulness in my distaste for use of the word 'marriage' in connection with permanent gay relationships. The wistfulness may be nearly as strong as my concern for the degradation of the English language.

Do you know, I'm a radical liberal, which means I'm a libertarian, which in today's political climate makes me a conservative. How can we communicate?

Update: I'm sorry! I should have either not posted this at all, or else made it about 20 times longer. No, I don't really hate the entire world. Dave, you are not a slimy, narcissistic twit and I didn't mean to imply that you were. Eric at Classical Values is apparently psychic, because he said in his comments "There are some good artists, but I share your view of sanctimonious crap which passes for art (if that's what you mean). You may be complaining also about artists who think the government should fund them (which destroys art). Not sure."

So this is a very incoherent post. I hate this artist and these types. A weenie, icky artist probably chose the color scheme for this house.

So, finally, to qualify as a weenie, icky artist, one has to meet one or all of the following criteria:
you must produce sanctimonious crap; and/or
you must be government-funded (this includes taking money from town councils; and/or
you have to have bad taste.


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