Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I am not the only person with foot-in-mouth disease

A young friend is on the 'No blood for oooiiiiiiiiilllllll' kick, and constantly sends out emails to all and sundry with links to various moonbat sites. The latest one contained a bunch of Bush-bashing bumperstickers. It elicited this response, also sent to all and sundry:

"It is highly recommended that you take your professors off of your distribution list. I am fairly confident, after having you in class for two semesters, that if I asked you to explain many of these bumper stickers to me you would not have the knowledge to do so.

Let me remind you of a couple of the key concepts you should have learned last semester. As a communicator, you have the ethical responsibility to send messages that you know are true and correct. Also, don't make assumptions about your audience - just because I am a professor, does not mean I am a liberal.

I voted for Bush and will do so again. "

Whew! Shot down in the prime of life. Although, in defense of the misguided moonbat, nobody really expects these 'forward to everyone you know' emails to have any basis in reality, right?

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