Sunday, February 27, 2005


As I understand it, Harold Fish has not yet gone to trial. Due to suppression of evidence by the County Prosecutor, the defense attorney is trying to get the case brought back before the Grand Jury in an effort to have the charges dismissed. In the meantime, Mr. Fish is not permitted weaponry. The Payson Roundup continues to lather up the loonies with inuendo and partial stories.

As far as I know, no action has been taken against the Payson Humane Society, despite their knowingly releasing a dangerous dog into the care of a mentally unstable man.

Background here.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Lost in the Mangroves

I found a lost kayaker again yesterday. Maybe shop owners don't tell buyers this, or maybe they do but aren't listened to.

If you're going to be wandering about in places with no street signs, like estuaries or wilderness trails:

Check your back trail. Things look different coming and going. Going out in a new area, & depending on side trails, you may need to spend as much time turning around and looking as you do going forward.

Choose your landmarks/navigation aids carefully. In a tidal area, it's no good choosing a sandbar as a landmark. The tide may have covered it by the time you return. In any case, it will look different. If possible, choose two permanent landmarks (such as buildings or dead trees) and line them up. Those little white poles you see sticking up periodically? Those are permanent markers - you can rely on those. You cannot rely on sandbars, flocks of birds, and fishermen.

Bring water! There's something very odd about forking out $1300 + for a top-of-the-line Wilderness and refusing to spring $2 for a couple extra bottles of water.

If you didn't go under a bridge on your way out, you probably shouldn't be going under one on your way back.

Assist yourself. A GPSr is very cool, and you can get one with trackback for about $100. Bring spare batteries. If that's too expensive, get some colored, biodegradable twine and leave little bows to mark your way back. Go with a companion who has a better sense of direction. Pay attention!

Check your back trail, check your back trail, check your back trail.

I worry about people sometimes.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Looks like the Fish trial may be underway?? Anyway, Keep and Bear Arms has posted a vile Letter to the Editor from the Payson Roundup, which is a biased yellow rag I won't link to.

Some Fish background here.


Under the boardwalk, Weedon Island

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Help Wanted

Predatory Female Willing to provide instructions on how to recognize and target wealthy males for exploitation. Pay on commission basis only, 10% of the take. Send copies of divorce decrees, jewelry receipts and resume to

Auntie Persnickety's Advice for Young Ladies

Before you drop your drawers . . . before you profer your tender heart to that handsome Romeo . . . before Ol' Mr. Moon shines over the blue lagoon on warm night in June . .

before, PLEASE child, before

go here. Read down.
Well, thank goodness that's over with!

This year I managed to escape Valentine's Day with nothing worse than a blown transmission. A few carless days, a couple thousand dollars, and life goes back to normal.

This is much less painful than many of my other Valentine's Days. 'Tis a cursed day. I'd take Friday the 13th over Valentine's Day if I only could.


Some years I take off work and spend the day cowering under the bed. Those are the best Valentine's Days I've ever had.

Monday, February 07, 2005

So What?

Please tell me people aren't really getting excited about drinking and cavorting at a private party? Please tell me this post by Michelle Malkin is some sort of a joke.

I mean, really, a bunch of military folks get rowdy and uncivilized in their off-hours. BFD.

I am the Queen of the Prudes . . truly, the world's dullest woman. I am (say it loud!). . . Out of it and Proud of it!

I think Justin Timberlake should be hung by his balls for last year's half-time fiasco. I personally would no more flash my tits than . . well, I can't think of anything I'm less likely to do, offhand. If someone put a gun to my head and said "Flash your tits or paint your house purple with orange trim," I'd probably go with the paint. Really. I don't even jaywalk.

But - really - the world is full of two-bit whores and boorish, piggish men. Always has been, always will be. Even the more refined are inclined to let loose when under pressure. If you work hard, you have to play hard and all that. The best of us make asses of ourselves from time to time and 'we all have to eat a little dirt before we die.'

In my prudish opinion, the partiers were harming themselves. But that's hardly my business, is it?

This is a non-story being hyped up by the media in the hopes of getting conservatives type to dislike the military and the idea of defense. That's all, just attempted manipulation.