Friday, January 09, 2004


It's Friday! That means quiz day at Classical Values, plus time for the Friday Five. Shall I cheat shamelessly and use the same answers for both sets?


Friday Five Questions
What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .


Today I shall don my shades and swagger!

The Consummate Hipster: newbies bow to him, everyone else just stares, as he swagger down the street with
You are the Consummate Hipster. Newbies bow to
you, everyone else just stares, as you swagger
down the street with "Little Green
Bag" stuck in your head.

What Kind of Hipster Are You?
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2. ...over the next week?

Avoiding reality sounds like a pretty good plan.

'Tis a great mystery, but somehow you have come to
belong in Jane Eyre; a random world of love,
kindness, madness, bad luck and lunatic
ex-wives. There really isn't much to say about
the place you belong in. It's your place, and
though it seems far from reality largly due to
how random the events are, you seem to enjoy
it. You belong in a world where not too many
people understand you, and where you can be
somewhat of a recluse.

Which Classic Novel do You Belong In?
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3. ...this year?

I'm torn over which goal to strive for by year's end. Shall I cut off someone's head, or should I make love to him and then eat him, black-widow style? Buy stock in ketchup . . .

WATER OF AIR. You're aloof, depressed and seasoned. You'd make a good psychologist, executioner, black widow, arsenic poisoner, heretic queen or commentator. You're too witty for your own good. Have to get up early in the morny morn to fool you, as you spot lies a mile away. And WOE TO THOSE who dare attempt such a stupid move. You're Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, when she cuts Michael's head off. You're Anne Robinson, the host of The Weakest Link!
created by Polly Snodgrass.

4. ...over the next five years?

Having dispatched the riff-raff (see q. 3 above), I shall then save the world:

5. ...for the rest of your life?

I'm not terribly concerned about the long term. I will wander down the river, in search of my shadow self, until the End Times.

Happy Friday!!

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