Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Go read this

When I read stuff like this, I really can't help hating the rest of the world.


Update: the following was posted as a response to my comment:

"while US domestic political issues continue to influence International situations - the economy being joined by, say, a Middle Eastern policy aimed mainly at securing the Jewish vote, or the Cuban embargo solely for the benefit of the Miami diaspora - while this is still the rule, the rest of the world will continue to find it tiresome."

ho-kay . . every country's domestic polices have the potential to influence international situations. Should US citizens be voting in the UK to reduce their stringent and insane gun control laws? UK's laws are looked to by US gun-grabbers with great glee (never minding that gun violence in the UK is increasing because of those very laws) - so should I be able to vote in the UK? NO, NO, NO. The UK is and will hopefully remain a sovereign nation, EU nothwithstanding.

Our middle east policy is geared only and solely to get the Jewish vote? WTF? It simply amazes me, and probably amazes Hamas and Hezbollah too, they have repeatedly killed. They have repeatedly stated they want Islamic law throughout the world. They have repeatedly stated they want to eliminate, in this order: (1) jews; (2) christians; (3) hindus; (4) everybody else that's not a muslim; and (5) all the muslims that aren't orthodox enough. Considering the blood already on the hands of Hamas et al, I see no reason to doubt them. Yet repeatedly and consistently, Ben Hammersly & others -many others- cannot get it into their heads. Hamas et all are dangerous!

The cuban embargo is soley for the benefit of the Miami diaspora? Hello? Castro is not nice, and he has never been nice to the US, and he would nuke us if he could. In any case, the US has the right to not trade wherever it doesn't want to trade, and why this should be any skin off Ben's nose is beyond me.

If you are even-tempered and articulate, do go there and present some thoughts. I don't think I'm calm, cool and collected enough. Were I dicatator, we would have total isolation and we would have it now. Either that or I'd start collecting tribute from every damn nation that accuses us of imperialism or hegemony. As long as we're getting all the grief, we may as well get the benefits.

Probably a good thing I'm not a dictator.

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