Saturday, January 03, 2004


When I was a wee little teenager, lo these many moons ago, I and my fellows used to play the occasional prank.

Like fer instance, the ubiquitous prank phone calls. We'd pick numbers at random out of the phone book:

Prankster: Good afternoon, ma'am, this is the Blankenstack Marketing corporation. We were wondering if you have time to take a short survery on major appliances.

Beleagured Innocent: Oh all right, go ahead.

P: Thank you ma'am. Is your refridgerator running right now?

BI: Yes, of course.

P: Hadn't you better go catch it? HA HA HA {click}


Or calling a drugstore

P: Hello, do you have Prince Albert (pipe tobacco) in a can?

DS: Yes, we do.

P: Hadn't you better let him out?


If you had several friends, you could pick a phone number and have various people call throughout the day asking for Marsha or Tom or whatever.

P: Hi, could I speak to Marsha?

BI: There's no one here by that name.

P: Oh, I'm sorry wrong number.

repeat sporadically all day long. At the end of the day, someone who has not dialed the BI's number calls:

New P: Hi, this is Marsha. Are there any messages for me?


Now that everyone has caller ID, what do kids do for harmless mischief? Is there such a thing?

Probably the worst thing we did involved actual theft. We were driving aimlessly about and saw a little buddha lawn statue made of white cement or concrete. One of the boys really wanted it, who knows why. "I gotta have it, c'mon." "No, you don't, we're not stopping." 3 blocks later he's still whining about it - but then we saw another one. They must have been on sale somewhere. Anyway, this one was exactly the same - same size, same position, only instead of white it was black. So we did the only thing a group of teenagers could possibly do.

We switched 'em.

What sort of (relatively) harmless pranks do kids play today?

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