Saturday, January 10, 2004


In an earlier post, I expressed some curiousity as to what types of harmless pranks kids were playing these days. Looks like they are managing to make good - er - interesting use of modern technology

Actually, I'm not sure if it's really kids playing pranks, or if it's BK corporate lawyers trying to fend off future 'BK made me eat it' lawsuits.

Update: & then there's this, rather sweet prank.

I'm glad the minister involved sees it for what it is . . . & a little sorry that the BK kids, once caught, will probably find themselves in hot water. Maybe it's because I was such a brat myself, but I do think that, especially in the teen years, you need some sort of outlet such as harmless mischief provides. Yeah, probably the BK kids shouldn't use profanity. I will agree with that, but also point out that they hear it every time they turn around, from adults and from movies that adults pay good money to see. I betcha 90% of the complainers are guilty of spreading profanity around, either with their own mouths or with their money going in support of Hollywood. Ya get what ya pay for . . .

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