Friday, January 16, 2004


That's "Primogen Persnickety" to you . . .

What the heck is a primogen? Well, whatever it may be, I get to be one. I took a nifty quiz which I have removed from this blog because I couldn't get it to fit, but here's what it said:


Name: Persnickety

You will conquer: the United States of America (but their government in exile is still holding out in the Statue of Liberty's head).

Your title will be: Primogen

You will suceed by: Duex ex Machina

Your enforcers will be: Orcs (millions of them! nothing beats orcs!).

Your first act as ruler: Ban any movie with Dog/Ape/Boobs/Party/Dumb/Dude/Cat/Punk/Ernest/Twin/Titanic or Adventure in the name.

This quiz took a big load off my mind. I had been worried about what would happen to the US. But now I see that I'll be driving Norman Mineta, Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer into exile and the idea pleases me greatly. Once they're all inside Lady Liberty's head, we'll be sending that statue back to France. YEESSSSSS!!

I found this quiz over at Sugar White Sand. Go forth and conquer!!

Classical Values is well-stocked up on Friday quizzes, but darn I really hated my results. He's got a country quiz, but I came up LIBYA! So I retook it - and came up Sudan!! Puh-leeze, I refuse to be Libya or Sudan. The third time I came up Taiwan, which is cool. Taiwan is a gutsy, independent country in spite of some tremendous pressures not to be (f*%& you, Jimmy Carter).

While you're there, read Encouraging Malignancy, a disturbing and interesting post.

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