Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Of course, all the cool people have already read Dave Workman's Op-Ed on background checks.

"Gun owners have been told in patronizing terms that "If it saves the life of one child," they must be willing to submit to insidious, guilty-until-proven-innocent requirements to exercise a right. Perhaps the ACLU and millions of offended airline travelers ought to be reminded that "If it saves one high rise building or a plane load of passengers" they ought to also just shut up, sit back, enjoy the wand rape, and allow the airlines to snoop into their private lives.

Or, perhaps we ought to get together and change things. "

via Pervasive Light and
Coyote at the Dog Show and Lay Line.

You've probably also seen the President, the Press, and the Nothin' Fancy Cafe, with excellent commentary from the Logic Monkey.

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