Saturday, January 10, 2004

Hussein Status

Well, well, well. So Pentagon lawyers are veering towards POW status for Saddam. The headline and article imply that the decision has already been made and that trial must therefore be held by [spit] international court or the US.

The Geneva Conventions say POWs can be tried only for crimes against humanity by an international tribunal or the occupying power, which in this case is the United States.

However, I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that we could do a prisoner exchange with Iraq. Who wants to go to Iraq and shoplift, so we can get arrested and be exchanged? I am kind of weenie; I'll go but only if someone else pays for it and it's guaranteed to work.

O well. He's got cancer and hopefully he will die within a few years anyway. I would like him to stay alive long enough for the truth to come out in detail in an open forum.

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