Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Well, well, well . . this is interesting. Kind of cool, because I'm ranked #3,333. It's a pretty, symmetrical sort of number isn't it? but more than kind of weird, because I never registered in the ecosystem. Perhaps someone I've linked to registered my site so that my link to their site would count?? Perhaps . . seems odd, though.

It doesn't say what kind of a fish. I hope it's not a suckerfish or a clownfish. I wouldn't exactly be insulted by angelfish, but it's probably not applicable in this instance. Perhaps a humble guppie?

It damn sure better not be a crapper.

Update: Well, I was a flippery fish, briefly. Somebody had me on twice, and fixed their mistake. : (

Update 19 Feb 04: OK, today I am an amphibian . . it appears that linking to my own post for reference moved me up a notch in the ecosystem. Interesting.

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