Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Scary Stuff

Random Nuclear Strikes, or possibly Soft Green Glow, or whatever this site is now calling itself, has a link about a truly disgusting 'incident' by a truly despicable subhuman asshole.

How to protect freedom of speech? Why, by tackling speakers and throwing them on the ground, of course!! If you're rich enough, and famous enough, you can assault people! You will not be arrested, nor will officious cops tell you 'you should have called 911 and left it to professionals', AND newspapers will refer to your assault on an innocent human being as a 'scuffle,' and the media will be more concerned about your spectacles than the well-being of the person attacked. In fact, the assaulted will be utterly ignored in the news.

{spit}. I did mention I will never, never, never ever vote democrat again, right?

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