Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Won't You Be My Minion?


(W)e at Stonewall Columbus cannot allow any opportunity for violence to occur, intentional or unintentional.

the organizer of the event (Stonewall Columbus) approached us and in an obvious, confrontational way, asked us to hand over our weapons or she'd take them from us. That, or leave. Blah, blah, blah.. etc. She was carrying a pretty big stick..with a key hanging off the end. Looked like a leathel weapon to us sitting nicely on the grass. She called in security (It looked like 20 or so) . . .

In other word, Stonewall Columbus cannot allow any opportunity for violence, unless Stonewall and only Stonewall are the ones to create it. Then it's okay.

This attitude must cease!

Also - the Pink Pistols were pleased not to have been charged with anything, but then they shouldn't have been as they were breaking no laws. " . . no arrests were made, as no laws were broken."

So I guess having a 2-foot club and 20 minions behind you as you threaten to make off with another person's property is not illegal. I'm pleased to know that, as I'm having one of them-thar mid-life crisises (crisiss? crisi?) and need a career change. Thuggery and intimidation would certainly be a change for me. Sadly, however, I am lacking minions. If you would like to be my minion, please so indicate in the comments. Pay will be an equal portion of the take, divided among the parties (except that I, as the queen of mnions, get two portions).

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