Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Put your wallet on standby

Police detectives say a shooting was justified, but prosecuters decide to charge Mr. Fish with 2nd degree homicide anyway. Discussion and article links are at the Highroad.

Fish is hiking. Three loose dogs charge him. Fish fires a warning shot. The dogs disperse, but the dogwalker charges Fish. Fish warns the dogwalker, then shoots from a distance of 8 feet. Dogwalker is dead.

2 of the dogs were shelter dogs, one of unknown temperament, one with a history of agressiveness. The dogwalker also had a history of loosing it.

A poster known as AZG23 is looking into a defense fund for Mr. Fish. I'll post more info if/when I get it.

If you do head over to the High Road thread, I urge you not to stop at the first linked news article, which clearly favors the dogs and the dogwalker over Mr. Fish. Read all the linked articles before making your judgement.

For reasons that escape me, the presence of dogs somehow makes some people think Fish should have just stood around and gotten mauled. I don't get it . . .

oh yeah. & if you are a dog owner, please leash your dog.

Thank you.

update: This from a

letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic:

"What if the three dogs had attacked a child instead of an armed adult? Would Grant Kuenzli still be considered a victim?"

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