Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Help Wanted: Artists

I know, I know, I know! Rush Limbaugh is too big to get a link. Too bad, he gets one anyway.

June 29th in New York will see an auction of artwork with the goal of raising money to defeat George W. Bush. Mr. Limbaugh proposes following suit.

Dave? Are you paying attention here?

Frank J. outlined his ideas for a Portrait of Michael Moore way back in August '03. Here's chance to present that creative genius to the world!

I'm thinking of a cage, with 250 people inside. On top, put a snake with a Clinton head and a cigar. At one side, a clock bound in chains. Call it "No Time for Slime"

The 250 caged people represent the number of persons doing jail time for perjury during Clinton's - er - incident.

Remember, it's "designed to make you think."

The floor is open. Send your ideas in to Rush, and let the bidding begin!

La Maison Blanc De Kerry

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