Thursday, June 17, 2004

Goes Without Saying

Baldilocks posts on the draft. There are commenters trying to figure out why Rangel and his band of merry men are pushing for it.

Here, I'll tell ya:

The dems are pushing for it because nobody wants it. A draft will increase anti-war sentiment. Pushing for a draft brings it into the news. Because it's a demo pushing for something unpopular, the media will not mention that it's a demo idea, nor will they mention that the marines and airforce waiting lists are all backed up due to large numbers of applicants. Therefore, the assumption made by the casual viewer/reader will be that the draft idea is coming to the forefront now as a result of the war in Iraq and President Bush's policies, and persons teetering between Bush and Kerry may veer toward Kerry, thinking the draft is a result of republican policy.

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