Monday, June 28, 2004

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Happy Birthday, Dear Iraa-aaq!
Happy Birthday tooooooo yoooooooooooo!!!!

The cuddly puppy is confident about Iraq's future.

Spoons has ventured in where Angels fear to tread - the DU - to monitor the howling of the moonbats. I haven't the stomach for it, myself.

So far, neither Zeyad nor Alaa have posted on the turnover. Hopefully, this will be good news to them. For both, their last posts were on the bombings and assasinations. I admire Alaa's spirit in particular as shown in these words:

"Come rain, come tempest, descend fog and darkness, We Shall Overcome."

Yes, you shall - but it's still going to be a long, hard row to hoe.

The selfish, squirrely bits of me sort of hoped the transfer would be delayed until July 4th, just because that would be fun. But June 28th is good, too.

Anybody remember some thug named Saddam? He's going to "be hauled in chains before an Iraqi judge within days. . . the trial of Saddam would not turn into a replay of the war crimes trial of former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic at The Hague, in which he could grandstand and appeal to the sympathies of people back home. "We have put some restriction on the political discussion. Basically this is going to be purely his criminal acts," Rubaie said.

The Shiite Muslim political leader then recited the alleged crimes that the jailed dictator would be judged for. "Saddam Hussein, why did you kill Sadr?" he asked, referring to Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Sadeq Sadr assassinated in 1999, allegedly by the former regime.

"Why did you kill tens of clergy? Why did you kill tens of thousands of people? Why did you commit the massacres? Why did you use the chemical weapons against our people in Kurdistan? Why did you start the Iran-Iraq war? Why did you invade Kuwait? Why did you bring this country all of these miseries?"

Godspeed, Iraq.

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