Friday, June 04, 2004

Piranhas hate me.


At 4145 miles from your furthest extremity to the Mediterranean Sea, you outdo the Amazon to become the world's longest river. The piranhas hate you.

Beneath you lies an underground river with six times your volume. You kept this remarkably quiet for several thousand years. In fact, you're full of mystery; your source wasn't discovered until 1862. You're also full of water. And crocodiles. And nuclear pharaoh machines that run on light and can see through time.

I am the Nile!
Which Extremity of the World Are You?
From the towering colossi at Rum and Monkey.

The questions for this one are great: When the vicissitudes of life tear at your very soul and existence is bleak and featureless, does this tend to hamper your mood somewhat?

Found this one over at The monkeyboy loves cheese.

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