Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ammo trouble

I practice with reloads I buy from the range. I know these are not good for self-defense: no stopping power and they will go right through the bad guy and the wall and whatever's beyond the wall.

Fine. Gunsmith A recommends PMC Mag safe (if I remember correctly), but he doesn't have them in stock.

Kim Du Toit recommends Federal Hydro-shock. I figure, what's good enough for Kim is probably good enough for me. The range has Hydro-shock.

Fine, .357 please.

No, you don't want .357 for self-defense.

I don't?

No, the noise and flash will be too much inside . . you'll be incapacitated, temporarily blind and deaf. Unless there's only one bad guy and you take him down with a single shot, you'll be in serious trouble.


So why do they even make a .357? Why didn't I just go with a plain ol' .38?

Whatever. I'll take the .38 hydro-shock. They'll be better than the reloads, anyway.

Except they're not. I can't use them.

For a woman, I have pretty large hands, but they're not large enough and strong enough to conquer Federal Hydro-shock.

I can't get the friggin' box open!

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