Friday, June 25, 2004

Dull Pride

James Rummel posts about a disagreement betweenThe Gay Pride Parade people and the Pink Pistols. Apparently the parade people prefer that the Pink Pistols portray only the party line and port no pistols on parade.

Nice alliteration, eh?

Actually, the Gay Pride People letter wasn't nearly as snotty as one has come to expect from the leftwing. It was worded in a downright civil manner! Frankly, I can kinda sorta see why they wouldn't want concealed carry in a parade, but on the other hand I can't see having a parade at all. It just blocks traffic and annoys people. On the third hand, I don't exactly see how they think they're going to confiscate anybody's weapon, and on the fourth hand, it'd be nice if they'd respect others' right just as much as they want others to respect their rights. and if I continue in this vein, I'll need an extra pair of mittens.

Parades ought to be something everybody can enjoy. I can't get excited about somebody else's sex life. Blocking a stranger's route to work in order to flaunt one's sexual preference is boorish.

Now here is a group that I can relate to, except the 'men' part. They don't have parades, of course. Not in keeping with their lifestyle.

Their reaction to Sept. 11 mirrored my own. I think they are on target as to the causes of terrorism and many other things that trouble the world:

Our next thought was what a pity . . . that these guys had to get their kicks in such an awful way . . . that they are not content like we are to enjoy simple, ordinary things. These guys carried excitement-seeking to the ultimate and awful extreme.

With a relatively small financial investment, Atta & company did a tremendous amount of damage. What if all that skill, preparation, hard work and organization had been put into improving the middle east? Atta & co. would have had no fame, no cameras, but what a better world it would be today - if the talent (sans insanity) was still in this world and working to heal it. What a freakin' waste.

Anyway, the DMC proposal is to dull them down:

We’ve done some research. We have some dull things that the terrorists might like to do — things that do not kill people or harm property.

Sand. Watch the wind blow it around. Collect sand. Take pictures of sand . . . learn all about sand, see different kinds of sand, and see sand from different places around the world.

Go to barber shops in Afghanistan to watch beards being shaved off.

Take pictures inside their caves. Caves are similar to tunnels. We could put the picture on our Tunnels Page. . .

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