Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sometimes you really need a laugh!

If this is one of those times, go here. Especially, scroll down to the movie reviews and see what they say about 'The Core."

Without examining anything, Keyes takes about five seconds to surmise that the victims all died from malfunctioning pacemakers and the malfunction was definitely not due to a secret weapon. We're supposed to be impressed, but our experience with real scientists and engineers indicates that when they're on-the-record, top-notch scientists and engineers won't even speculate about the color of their socks without looking at their ankles1. They have top-notch reputations because they're almost always right. They're almost always right because they keep their mouths shut until they've fully analyzed the data.

We're not sure why the Virgil's ultrasound was needed for boring through water but it was turned on anyway and attracted whales like a silent dog whistle. Inspired by the ultrasound, these great beasts displayed an astonishing ability for deep diving.


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