Monday, June 28, 2004

I sooooo badly want to argue with this moron but, in what is probably the wisest method of dealing with trolls I've seen, Avery requests that we do not, at least not on his blog.

Fair enough.

Look, God's first and greatest gift to humankind was free will. If you honor God, you will also honor that gift.

Should you rebuke your brother if you see him doing something that you know God doesn't like? Yup - especially if your brother doesn't realize what he's doing is wrong. BUT! you can't create sin out a hat; you don't want to confuse sin with something you simply don't like; you don't want to nag the heck out of people (cast your pearls before swine, even); and you don't want to glom onto somebody else's sin just to make yourself appear more holy in your own eyes.

The last one causes a lot of trouble. Seems like some people sniff out a sin to which they personally have no temptation, and then trumpet that sin to make it loom larger than maybe it really is.

Here is a sin for you - spending Sunday not honoring the Lord. It's such a big sin that it has its own commandment. Why doesn't it get any airplay?

because we nearly all commit this sin, that's why.

Naaah, think I'll stick to condemning the sins to which I feel no temptation . . maybe that way the condemnation will never come back to haunt me.

In the words of Gabriel Betteridge (The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins):

Bless you! You have your sins, and I have mine. Our vices aren't the same, maybe, but we both have them."

We need to fight sin in ourselves, and try to help other people avoid sin too, but let's have a little proportion as well.

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