Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This post will be important Nov. 4, 2004

This rather dull post was inspired by John Kerry, who is already preparing for the unethical and wasteful assault on the 2004 election.

I'm so sorry - you are probably as fed up with the whole mess as I am. But Kerry, who served in Vietnam and can't give it a rest, won't give the election a rest either, whether he wins or not. The dems are definitely revving up to feed us more horseshit. I want this posted before they start shoveling, in the hopes of preparing for what lies ahead.

Charges of Racism at the Polls
I just received my Florida voter's registration card. We get a new one about every year. It comes with instructions:

1. YOU MUST VOTE IN THE PRECINCT WHERE YOU RESIDE. Local residence determines your voting precinct and districts.
4. A copy of your signature is maintained in the voter registration records so we can verify changes to your file or verify your signature on a petition or absentee ballot. If your signature changes, you can request a form to update your signature by calling (813) 272-5820 or sending an e-mail request to: absentee@hillsboroughcounty.org

Bold print reproduced from the original. These helpful instructions are also printed in spanish. They will also be posted at the voting polls. In addition, they are posted on the election supervisor's website. In short, it is nearly impossible for any semi-interested voter to avoid seeing them. This was true in the gubernatorial elections of 2002 and in the presidential elections of 2000 as well.

Nevertheless, item 2. above was used by the Democrat party to incite charges of racism during the 2000 election. Their reasoning was that black people who weren't permitted to vote due to a lack of proper identification were discriminated against. If I am to accept their basic premise, I must also be prepared to believe that blacks are inherently stupider than whites. It will take more than lawsuits filed by pampered democrat trial lawyers to convince me that skin color makes one incapable of remembering to carry proper identification.

Charges of Republican Chicanery at select counties

The counties with the most voting problems in 2000 and again in 2002 were:
Palm Beach

All four of these counties are mainly democrat. All four had democrat election supervisors. Three of the four (Broward, Palm Beach and Brevard) had problems again in the 2002 democratprimaries. Jeb Bush finally got fed up and tried to fire at least one of the supervisors. He was met with racism charges. Every single other county got it right; Broward, Brevard and Palm Beach blew it. Firing someone for incompetence is not racism.

Charges of Voting technique irregularites

Aka the famous hanging chads. There will be no chads in 2004; all Florida voting is now electronic. I am sure the democrats will manufacture other charges, such as rigged voting machines. I don't recall whether or not these machines provide a receipt. If so, all Floridians need to keep 'em. Look for a last minute challenge to the machines themselves, too late to actually allow anything to be done in accordance with Florida law.

Those are my main predictions for the 2004 election: Attention will once again be focused on Florida, with Brevard, Broward and Palm Beach being the offending counties, and the focus will be on mainly on the new machines, with a little racism thrown in for spice.

Florida was extremely fortunate to have Tom Feeney as head of the Florida State Legislature during the 2000 fiasco. The democrat party was trying to get the entire state of Florida blocked from participating in the election. However, per the constitution, in an emergency such as the dems tried to create, the legislature can select and send the electoral voters. Feeney called a special session and the legislature was kept sitting around in Tallahassee, waiting for court results . . if Fl was thrown out, the legislature was ready to step in. Tom Feeney will forever be my hero for reading and enforcing the consitution. He actually read it to the FL state legislature - here's the instructions, boys, and this is what we're going to do.

Anyway, keep an eye peeled. It's coming.

BTW, this is a short post on all the crap that was pulled, and on how many times the dems actually lost in 2000, and on how many ways they tried to rig the election. I got more . . lots more . . but this should be enough for any thinking person (which seems to exclude the democrat base).

I didn't even vote for Bush, but I recognize theft when it happens under my nose, and that is what the dems tried and what they will try again.

Update: Jeff at Alphecca and Kathy from On the Third Hand are also on it.

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