Sunday, March 07, 2004

Hi Everybody! Did you miss me?

I missed you!

So what's new? I've been working . . actually, it was okay, very busy with some late nights but it's been satisfactory work for a change. I feel like some things were actually accomplished. It's a nice change.

I've still not seen The Passion because (a) the theater says 'reserved special seating' or something, so I take it the local churches still have it locked up, and (b) I won't go to AMC theaters, they're a bunch of gun-grabbing goofs, and (c), just between you, me, and the Internet, I'm a little scared to. I'm not sure I want to realize the sacrifice that was made to wash away my sins because, honestly and ashamedly, I enjoy my sins (well, some of 'em). I also don't like surrendering control. I want what I want, when I want it . . . and from all I hear, it will be very difficult to rationalize that inherent self-centeredness in the middle of that particular movie. It is interesting (to me, anyway) is how the discussion around it has inspired such introspection . . .

same subject, lighter side: Most comments have either been from heavy-duty christians or from frothing christophobes. I'd been wondering what the in-betweens thought about. Here's what going on with some of my long-distance in-between friends:

A bunch of them are going to see it, but they won't let Cindy come with them, because Cindy has been known to vomit while watching gore. Then they said, ok, Cindy can go but she has to drive her own car and bring her own plastic bag to throw up in. Fran was not going to go at all, but she changed her mind when she heard Cindy was going, because Fran wants to see Cindy throw up. That is apparently the only reason Fran is going.

Interesting, what motivates people, isn't it? Poor Mel Gibson, I hope he never finds out. Don't be telling him . . shhhhh.

I got a new haircut, a new lipstick, and a new (used) gun. The haircut is pretty funny - anybody remember the old Barbie with the bubble cut? That's what I got. It actually looks pretty good, we'll see if I can keep it up. I think I have to hang by my ankles while blow-drying, then pour on a gallon or two of hairspray. The lipstick is coppery, and the gun is a .357 S&W Lady Smith, 5-shot. It came with rosewood grips, but they threw in a rubber set that looks and feels pretty nice. Also got two holsters for it, one on-the-waistband and one shoulder holster. I wish to goodness someone would make a waist holster that can be put directly onto jeans without breaking the fingernails; I simply don't wear a belt very often. The holster guy seemed to think I was nuts for wanting a shoulder holster, but I think it will be comfortable and accessible. Tank top & a jacket, with the gun under the arm, and my blue jeans . . theoretically it will work out. The shoulder holster is on order. I'll let you know how it works out when I get it.

& I have some unfinished thoughts in some of my earlier posts, I know. On income tax and my imaginary friends - frankly, I am tired of doing income tax returns. Suffice it to say, I don't believe there is either a marriage penalty or a marriage benefit. If you have reason to believe differently, please send me the link showing where you've worked out the returns. Otherwise, I shall greet all cries of penalty/benefits with a screech "Myth! Myth!"

My other unfinished post was on gay marriage. Earlier I was just giving some background, leading to my conclusion, which is:

There is no such thing as a right to marriage. Marriage, as recognized by the state, is an acknowledgement that marriage is a simplified contract between a man and a woman. Protection and enforcement of contracts IS a task that we, the people, have delegated to the government. Gays are well within their rights requesting that the state honor any contracts they sign up for. Gay folks need to decide what they actually want in the form of permanent, same-sex unions. Then petition their government for a short-cut contract similar to that of marriage, by all means. Make a list, check it twice, discuss it amongst yourselves, and will the adults in the gay community please come to the table with a workable solution? Or are you trying to avoid that discussion, and if so, why?

Mangling the english language, and tryanny by two-bit city mayors, are not on the table. They are not negotiable points. Full Stop.

Serenity is having a conniption fit over John Big Ketchup Kerry. She is absolutely correct in all she says, but me, I've given up arguing with idiots. I'm having more fun lately agreeing with them. "Yes, the war is Iraq was wrong. Let's make amends . . let's put Saddam back in power. There's no harm in a man who would gouge out a baby's eye to make its parent talk. We need to reinstate those $25,000 payments to the families of suicide bombers, too. er . that'll come out of your pocket, right?

Let's release the Achille Lauro guys. Heck, so they pushed an old man in wheelchair off a cruise ship. So what? There are almost 300 million Americans; and plenty of old folks, to go around. It's not like Americans are an endangered species, like the spotted owl or something.

& I don't see why they shouldn't attack american cities if they want to, so long as they stick to places like Berkley, CA in the future. "

Oddly, the above statements don't win me friends in the liberal community. They seem to sort of shy away . . and yet, if that is not what they meant to say, it is certainly what their saying means.

Go figure.

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