Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Support Your Local Gun Range

The Back Road Blog has really been on a roll lately. Especially if you're from Minnesota, but even if you are not, ponder Ranges in Danger.

I'm not a gun nut by nature, myself. But I'm rather fond of the Bill of Rights. So I purchased a gun when the trampling of the Bill of Rights just got to be too much for me to stomach. Seth Waxman* was primarily responsible. If you like your rights (what's left of them!) buy a gun, learn how to use it. Do it while you still can. If you wait until you have to, it'll be too late. You want your kids and grandkids to grow up oppressed? No rights? Tossed about by the government like so much flotsam and jetsam in the sea of life? Of course you don't!

Anyway, B.A.G. Day is just around the corner. Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave a nice, shiney 1911a in your basket, or perhaps that giant colored egg in your back yard contains an AR15 (the little eggs contain ammo, natch!); but to be on the safe side, buy one yourself. Then go to the local range and get some lessons!

Do it . . For The Children!

* In a contract, a word has the same meaning throughout the entire document. It just does, by convention, it must. Take Waxman's definition of 'people' and apply it to the entire US Constitution. I'll wait here . . . . . .

Ready? yeah, that's what I said. See you at the range.

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