Sunday, March 14, 2004

A Cold Wind is blowing

Two Nervous Dogs points to an article containing fresh terrorist threats.

These people are such damned fools. Even if they win, they lose. All that energy just to make hell on earth, when they're going to see hell anyway when they die. They may as well wait patiently.

It's irritating that there's next to nothing the average galoot can do. I just get colder and grimmer.

If Kerry does get the presidency, it will interesting to see just what form his negotiations take. The terrorists want the deaths of jews, christian, hindus, atheists, and then they'll start working on all the muslims that aren't muslim enough. so what shall we do? Offer them, say, half the jews, 3/4 the christians, and 2/5 the hindus? O yeah, that'll work. Let's offer them Kerry first. He's so wishy-washy he'll probably count as a christian AND an atheist.

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