Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The Party that Cried Wolf

I just had a horrible thought. To any thinking person, who has read and understood the constitution and the US election process, the claims of dems that 2000 was somehow stolen are simple, barefaced lies. Being a Floridian from Chicago, I could see them taking lessons from the Daley voting machine to apply in Brevard, Broward, and Palm Beach. Reno, a fine specimen of the Clinton administration, tried the dem methods again in 2002 in the democrat primaries. I know the dems will manufacture false charges in 2004, just like the sun will rise in the east.

The result is, that even if the Republicans do something really bad, I may not believe it at this point. I'm accustomed to brushing off democrat cries like a horse brushes away flies. The dem party has simply lied to me once too often.

yikes. Something to guard against .

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