Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Kerry's New Campaign Slogan May Violate Trademark/Copyright Laws

I'm sure you've heard about Mr. Kerry's little snowboarding incident and the style, grace and aplomb with which he handled it.

You may also be aware that Mr. Kerry has acquired a reputation (and even his own stamps!) for being a tad - uh - flexible on his positions, based apparently on his mood, who's listening and what's popular amongst the moonbats.

Now how do you turn a wishy-washy, arrogant gigilo into something comforting and appealing? Why, you give it a makeover and a good slogan! You market it. So here we go.

First, let's work on that physical image. Instead of a horse's face, maybe it's more . . bovine. Let's use the image of a bull here, to conjure up some masculinity. Yes, I know he looks exactly like Mr.Ed, but work with me here. He has the eyes of a cow, right? Ok, we've got him associated with the bovine element. Now add a new slogan:

We bulls wobble, but we don't fall down!

Don't thank me, DNC! I'm always glad to help! Just have that check deposited directly to my account.

: )

update If you are too young to remember the jingle and 'get it,' for pity's sake keep it to yourself. No need to rub it in, ya gol durn whippersnappers!

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