Thursday, March 18, 2004

Failure to Report an Alligator; Kangaroo Mobs

Courtesy Coyote at the Dog Show comes this link to a Calgary Sun article on some moron smuggling alligators into Canada.

"A man has been arrested after customs agents seized four rare baby American alligators being allegedly smuggled into Canada stuffed inside a driver's jacket."

Rare? Never had rare alligator. I've had it deep-fried and breaded, though. Frankly, it's tough, bland and greasy. I like to eat it every now and then anyway, just to show those alligators what-fer.

There are well over a million alligators in Florida. It is safe to assume that every body of fresh water contains alligators. We lose two-year olds to alligators on occasion - maybe three children in a bad year.

Parents, don't let your children play unattended in fresh water!

& for pity's sake, would you tourists please stop feeding them! It is not nice, to teach an alligator to associate the human smell with food.

If you are truly so daft as to want an alligator in your home please have a friend drive you to the nearest insane asylum right now, you may want to read this USA Today article, written by a Miami reporter with a slightly larger clue: When they eat your dog, they're not so cute.

I cannot but help draw attention to the "Be aware of alligators" recommendations list on the right-hand side.

" If attacked, raise a ruckus and a fight. "Resist as best you can," says Henry Cabbage, spokesman for Florida's wildlife commission. "Any predator favors prey it can easily overcome." '

Too bad for this woman that Australia has become so anti-defense. A gun would probably have been most helpful in raising that ruckus recommended by Henry Cabbage.

"Neighbors said they have been terrorized in recent years by a mob of around 50 kangaroos that live in a nearby area."

"Any predator favors prey it can easily overcome." Thank you, Mr. Cabbage, I'll be quoting you on that.

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