Thursday, December 04, 2003

Wrongful Arrest, Part III
Rightful Arrest!

Got some info from the sheriffs!

"The case involving Melvin Spaulding, Lowe, Moore, Ganoe and Palm was investigated by members of the Patrol Operations Bureau. Detectives under my command, the Crimes Against Persons Division, were not involved. Accordingly, my knowledge of this case is limited. But, I know Mr. Spaulding was released from custody on the request of the Sheriff's Office and that Moore, Ganoe and Palm have been arrested and charged with battery on Mr. Lowe.

The charge placed against Mr. Spaulding with be investigated by the State Attorney and a determination will be made whether to prosecute or not prosecute.

I don't know if Mr. Spaulding has a lawyer, or not.

I can't offer an opinion on citizen cooperation in the future in this particular neighborhood or whether Neighborhood Watch is in existence at this time.

. . . I don't know how many firearms Mr. Spaulding may have in his possession or if any, other than the firearm used in the shooting, were confiscated."

So I sent the note to the wrong division, but so far so good. The next post on this subject will just be entitled "Melvin Spaulding" or something, because it looks my current title on these posts is going to be off-base, wrong, and possibly slanderous or libelous or something.

Sometimes it's GREAT to be wrong.

Update: If, indeed, I am wrong. I haven't heard back from the Northern Division of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Northern Patrol Operations Division. I hate to set up a defense fund only to find out Spaulding is in the clear, or is filthy stinking rich with no need for assistance. It does appear as if Mr. Spaulding was definitely charged, and that a judge let him at least go home.

Update II: Are there any nutjobs in the Tampa area who would be willing to do a protest-type thing in front of the courthouse, or maybe the police department? I'm talking a very low-key, bring a lawn chair and a book type protest. If so, please indicate so in comments (include your email!) or send me a note. I am realllly hoping this is actually a non-issue, but the non-response from the cops (Patrol Ops division) is worrisome. It would have to be on a weekend.

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