Thursday, December 04, 2003

On the Other Hand

May God have pity on Cincinnati cops. 350 lbs, on PCP and cocaine, with "several lethal health problems," acting like a lunatic, puts a cop in a headlock . . .

See here for CNN article . .

& the coroner rules it homicide?!? WTF?

Note to Dr. Carl Parrott: Please wear a name tag. If ever you are attacked, I and presumably any sane police officer, will be sure not to come to your defense. You asshole.

Absolutely nuts.

Ya know, if I were a cop, and had to deal with crap like Cincinnati riots and Cincinnati coroners, surely I would feel that 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander,' and be tempted to do a bust such as what happened to Mr. Spaulding below.

BUT BUT BUT - cops and ordinary mortals need to stick together against thugs, and maybe someday we'll beat down this liberal perversion of logic that says adult humans aren't smart enough to know that commiting crimes carries some risks, and anyway there's nothing wrong with thugs attacking innocents.

Oh & precious "bias? what bias?" CNN has an interview with the Police Chief titled "Cincinnati police chief: 'There are very valid questions,' but if you read the article, the chief is quoting Dr. Calvin Smith, NAACcP Cincinnati chapter president.

Oh yeah - Note to Dr. Smith: See my note to Dr. Parrott.

"Parrott". Isn't that an appropriate name for someone who sprouts the party line with no concept of its significance?


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