Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Looking for Your Socks?

I get the occasional sock-hunter via Google and Yahoo. Sock Hunters looking for lost socks may want to review The Quantum Theory of Laundry or visit the Island of Lost Socks for information. Paranoid types may lean towards The Worldwide Sock Conspiracy. Personally, as as a single female with a drawerful of single socks, I reject the author's premise that sock loss only occurs to married men. It is, however, interesting that Conrad (the author) states that he never lost socks prior to marriage, and that anecdotal evidence indicates married men are more likely to have single socks. This got me thinking on what married men and single women have in common. The answer that came to mind is longer lifespans than their counterparts in alternate marital states. Perhaps it's not an conspiracy of evil; perhaps it's a conspiracy of good towards those whom the Sock Gods favor.

You can witness the birth of socks at justsocks.com. After witnessing this joyous occasion, celebrate by humming along on Dr. Coconut's song, I Lost My Sock. This fine tune can be found at The Bureau of Socks, which also contains helpful medical advice on the Sock Eating Syndrome.

The Internet is a beautiful place, is it not?

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