Saturday, December 27, 2003

Over-analyzing Santa

Eric at Classical Values points to an article by Lee Harris called Blaming Christmas, which he calls "The Best Christmas Essay." I couldn't even make it past the first paragraph . . .

C'mon - really?. Do people really take that Santa crap that seriously? Santa had the same handwriting as my mom; he used the same wrapping paper! Were other parents more deceitful, or was I the only kid who had each present under the tree memorized by the time Christmas eve came around? Are the rest of you silly, or am I just very, very greedy? Or, possibly, both.

I cannot take this Christmas angst seriously. Get over it. If you believe in Christ, that the Word became flesh and walked among us, you know that Christmas is available to you throughout the year, on the coldest, darkest loneliest nights. There is a direct line from your heart to God's love, open whenever you remember to open your own heart (easier said than done - but I digress).

If you don't believe in Christ, than what's the big deal about Christmas to you? If it's just feasting and loot, maybe you should just celebrate Saturnalia or something. I dunno, I don't get the trauma here.

Here are some things to remember about Santa, maybe they will help?

Santa is just an excuse your parents have to give you more than you deserve. They want to do this because they love you.

Santa is a personification of the loving, giving spirit. This spirit lives within us all, and eases the pain of the coldest, darkest, longest nights. It is no coincidence that Christmas (and many other such festivals from many other cultures) falls so close to the winter solstice. It is good to surround yourself with people you are close to at Christmas. If you are a Christian, even if you are completely without human companionship Christ is with you and you are assured of God's love. If you're an atheist, I can't help here - you're on your own I guess but that's YOUR choice, not God's, so don't come crying to me about it.

Jiminy, I am really not the proseltyzing type. Probably didn't even spell it right . . . but if you don't care about Christ's Mass, then DON'T CARE ABOUT IT!!!! If you would like to, or would like to know if it's worth caring about, take it up with God.

I will tell you a dirty little secret: You don't have to believe in God to talk to him. God is tough. He can take anything you dish out, as long you are being honest with him. My first prayer was something like "Okay God, I don't believe in You. I'm talking to You because I could be wrong. So far, though, I haven't seen any reason to think you exist or, if you do exist, you're an asshole. I hear people talking about blind faith, but that's stupid. If we're supposed to go on blind faith, we'd be following every shyster and snake-oil salesman that comes along. So what's the deal here?"

That horrible, awful prayer was my first real step towards God - but He's tough, He can take it. More, He will take the honest outpouring of the heart. In fact, He requires it. At least, that is what He has required of me.

Anyway . . . I'm puzzled by Christmas Angst, but that is probably because I have backup in the form of God's love.

Mandatory Disclaimer: I'm not mature in my Christianity; I'm not conventional or orthodox in my interpretations of the bible. Don't take my writings or thoughts as representative of the Christian community. I am not a theologian, nor do I play one on TV.

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