Monday, December 29, 2003

Wandering thoughts

Can't access my comments! Somebody left one, too, which always thrills me. Except that it's on the 'Over-analyzing Santa' post. I don't do a lot of talking about God - atheists get all snooty and superior about my belief (at least some do) and Christians (most) get all shocked about my doubting-Thomasness, if that's a word. In fact, when I start talking religion there are very few people I can't irritate. It's worrisome; gentleness is what I'm supposed to be striving for, NOT stirring up wrath. I know this, but I know what I believe and also what I cannot believe without reason. Also I read the bible, and I don't see where it says many of the things that other people say it says.

Like fer instance: "judge not." I can't find that in the bible, in the context a lot of holier-than-thou types like to use it. It says "Judge not, for as ye judge so shall ye be judged" and "Thou shalt judge a tree by its fruits" and "Wine perverteth the judgment." The consistent message is to judge with care, and to remember that you may be measured by your own yardstick. That's not the same as cowering under the bed, fearing to take a moral stand.

Anyway . . .!

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