Monday, December 08, 2003


SO & so at the Bay News Nine Pinellas County desk seemed to think the arrest of Spaulding is justified.

"Well, he fired a gun at someone."

"Yes, to save someone else."

"Well, he fired a gun."

"in accordance with Florida laws."

"But he fired a gun and hit somebody."

Couldn't So & so and others of her ilk wear little signs that say 'do not defend or assist,' so the rest of us will know not to waste our time with them? Just imagine she's in a parking lot, some guy attacks her, and person B comes to her defense with a gun. What will her attitude be, do you think? Will she say "Well, you should have let him rape me?"

Second thought update: I know some internet surfers like to raise hell, so I changed the name of the person I spoke with to 'So & so.' IMnot-so-HO, and it's my blog, dammit, there's no sense and no courtesy in harassing somebody just because they don't agree with you. It's enough to be aware of the Bay News Nine bias - there is simply no sense in making life miserable for some poor slob who gets stuck answering the phone. I also like to think that any person concerned enough about the 2nd amendment to care will also be too civilized to act like a jerk, making this update unnecessary.

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