Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Tin Foil Curtains

I like to shop by mail. You get twice as much shopping for your time - once when you send in your order, again when you receive your goods. Plus you never loose your car when shopping by mail.

Sometimes I don't read the description quite as closely as I should, which is how I ended up with tinfoil curtains. They're solar shield curtain liners, or something like that, to cut down on heat invasion/loss depending on the season and which way you put them up. They're billed as 'metalized polyethelene' but they look like tinfoil to me.

Anyway, I got 'em and put 'em up on the side windows. I feel too sorry for my neighbors to put them on the street-side windows. Ugly as sin, but they seem to work.

So now that my home is protected by tinfoil, will I stop receiving evil VRWC conspiracy rays? In a few short weeks, will I have traded my guns in for tofu? Will I blog from under a pyramid, humming Kumbaya? If so, what will I do with all that meat in the freezer?

Stay tuned . . .

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