Saturday, August 07, 2004

Nobody Reads Comment #148

So I'm reposting my response to Steve Gilliard's hissy fit here. Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority has been following it, and he does a great job of calmly speaking with moonbats, but I am so tired of being slandered by the left that I thought I'd jump in. Not the anyone will read #148 . . but gee whiz, guys. Deconstructing a t-shirt?!?

I'm utterly floored by your reaction to this shirt. It's as if we have completely different dictionaries.

Suppose the shirt had a bunch of different birds on it, and was favored by bird-watchers? Suppose it had a variety of CD album covers, and was worn by music lovers. People, this may come as a shock to you, but gun owners are human too.

Are you also outraged by all the take-offs on the 'Got Milk?' commercials?

I have never heard the term 'monkey' as being synonomous with 'nigger.' If you are consorting with people who use that sort of language, I suggest you get a better class of friends. I read Frank J. quite a bit, and I assure you that when he talks about monkeys, he's talking about the furry little beasts with tails, not human beings.

I resent the aspersion that all gun-friendly people and all conservative people are rascist.

You have a terrible prejudice against gun-people and/or conservatives, that is making you see horrible things and appalling intentions where none exists.

I'm going to leave you with a little anecdote, true story, of Things My Mother Taught Me. My mother, btw, is past-president (2x) of her local chapter of the Women's Republican Club.

I was a wee little child during the race riots of the '60s. I believe I was about 4 or 5 during the Alabama riots, which were televised on TV. Quite a puzzling thing to a little kid -

(me) Mom, what are those people fighting for?

(Mom) They're different colors, and some of them don't like people of different colors.

(me) but why did God make people different colors, if they're going to fight about it? Why didn't He make everybody the same color?

(Mom) Well, think about a world where all the flowers are the same color. What if trees and bushes and grass were all the same shade of green? Wouldn't that be boring? It's the contrast of a green tree against a blue sky that brings out the beauty of both. If everything was the same color we wouldn't - we'd still have beauty, but we wouldn't recognize it.

(me) But if God made things different colors for fun, why do people fight about it?

(Mom) because some people are stupid. Don't you be one of them.

Celebrate diversity - in all things

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