Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Something to Read

I've got another 'kinda' blog: Old Books. At the moment, it has only one old book on it, a self-published genealogy account on "The Gallogly Family/The West Family." This was published in 1926 and covers the Galloglys and Wests of Morrow County, Ohio from their migration from Ireland and England, respectively, to the states and their lives in the Ohio practically-frontier.

It may be of interest to genealogists with Morrow County ancestors, and to those curious about life in the early and mid 19th century.

She related that she and her brothers and sisters took the greatest delight in dressing in their parents' clothing, during their absence from the home, and holding religious services - the only festivities their young lives knew. One day this girl was dressed in her mother's best black silk dress - reserved for the most solemn occasions - and her brother was arrayed in his father's broadcloth suit. In all this glory they proceeded to the back of the orchard to hold "preaching." Just as the services were opening, one of the children screamed: "Oh, there's Old Rennison!" Away they went pell-mell, leaving bits of silk and broadcloth on thorns and briars just as their father and mother drove into the yard.

Uncle George was maligned. People believe that an inward grace will have an outward expression. Uncle George lived unto himself and suffered the consequences.

It has a different flavor than anything written today.

I may add other books other books at some point, like We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing, and perhaps some others that are old and will be lost if not archived somewhere.

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