Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kerry Ad

A young friend sent me this link to a Vietnam Veterans Against the War Ad, circa 1971. Unfortunately, my computer is such that the ad immediately shrinks and I can't read it. Whatever it says, it must be the straw that broke the camel's back, because my friend says "Kerry is crazy! I am sure as hell not going to vote for him."

I'm curious! gosh-darned modern technology.

the Truth Laid Bear tries to step back from the Kerry/Swift Boat Veterans situation and see an average viewer response. I suspect he's right, with the exception of "Unless Kerry's campaign manages to completely discredit the Swifties --- which seems increasingly unlikely --- the campaign is over; Kerry is done . ."

My own hunch is that if the DNC and/or Kerry campaign attacks, they had damn well better attack the facts, and not the people. This is a group of Vets we're talking about, not a bunch of Whoopi Goldbergs and George Soroses with umpteen gazillions of dollars. Attacking ordinary folks who've served their country would probably not sit well with all us other ordinary folks, whether we've formally served our country or not.

Kerry stated that, if elected, he would 'defend America as he did in Vietnam.' (rough paraphrase)

Ya know something, Mr. Kerry? That's exactly what I'm afraid of. You'll spend the first four months preening yourself and getting good photo ops, then you'll turn around and stab your country in the back, just like you did to your military co-workers. You'll take office in January, and by April you'll be down at the Hague, testifying against your country.

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