Friday, August 06, 2004

Local Kennel Owner Sues over Abbreviated Name

This bad pun is making the e-mail rounds.

SANTA FE, NM (ARP)-- When Mrs. Ima M. Hocksy , owner of Horus Kennel of Santa Fe, New Mexico, sent the registration and check for her new puppy, Bigley's Fatima of Horus, she had no idea she would be involved in a lawsuit many months later with the North American Kennel Club, after the organization failed to even return her letters and phone calls.

The N.A.K.C. apparently had put in place a new rule about registered names not being any more than 10 letters and spaces. "We felt the names were getting too long and out of hand. This was costing our organization a lot of money. We also installed new software that would automatically shorten names if one was submitted on a registration exceeding the 10 space rule. All this was outlined on the bottom of the form. We can't baby-sit every person who doesn't take the time to read through the forms. Mrs. Hocksy has always been free to send in another $35 and request a name change." says Mr. Greedly, at a press conference on Tuesday.

Simon Reemdem, attorney for Ima Hocksy, told us that his client should not have to pay another $35 to the N.A.K.C.. And they should not have to accept the horrible, registered name that the N.A.K.C.'s new computer selected for their puppy, Fatima.

"Our clients paid for, 'Bigley's Fatima of Horus'. There is no
way our clients can live with a puppy registered as "Big Fat Ho". We're sticking to our guns, here."

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