Thursday, August 26, 2004


In 2000, Harry Browne was my man for the top political position in the US of A. Didn't like his open immigration policy, but at that time it was possible to be naive enough to think it wasn't that important.

Then Sept 11 happened, and I was relieved that Bush, not Browne, was in office. I started leaning heavily toward Bush, based on (a) his clear-eyed view of the terrorist threat;
(b) his acknowledgment that the US has, in the past, supported dictators through expediency, and his declaration that we would no longer do that, even if it seemed in our best short term interest to do so. People, that was ,major, gutsy, and long overdue.

Then the Campaign Finance Reform Act reared its ugly head. Bush said - I could swear he did? - said he wouldn't sign it. HE SIGNED IT!.. HE KNEW IT WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL, AND HE SIGNED IT!


The Supreme Court pissed on its duty and us, and didn't throw it out.

Well . . the Libertarians have no one; lessee what the dems come up with . . .

Gawd help us, the backstabbing sonofabitch Kerry.

Do the Libertarians have anybody yet? Oh, Badnarik, a willfully blind fruitcake re: terrorism . .

Oh, well, maybe Bush isn't so ba. . What? He's doing what??

This column by Gary Aldrich puts it succintly:

"Establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle are annoyed that ordinary groups of citizens can impact their carefully crafted election scenarios. They have become spoiled, petulant, and powerful. They don’t like surprises, and, yes, there is a brotherhood of political operatives who hang together regardless of party."

Who'm I gonna vote for? People, we're in genuine trouble. Both Kerry and Bush are against the Bill of Rights.

My inner wild-eyed maniac thinks it's time to give politicians a short drop and a quick stop.

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