Friday, August 27, 2004

Consistency in John Kerry

At the website Stolen Honor, there is a clipping of a gentleman named James Warner from a to-be-released documentary of the same name.

"essentially, he accused all of us of being criminals . . . "

" . . this naval officer admits that you are a criminal, and that you deserve punishment . . ."

"these words prove that you deserve punishment"

"first of all, he was an officer . . in a combat unit . .with an M16. so he was armed. A US or Naval officer, armed, seeing someone doing something clearly illegal - he has an obligation to stop it . . You were armed, you had the ability to stop these things, why didn't you stop it?"

He was saying we done these things, things he knew to be false . .he burned up his band of brotherhood.

" . . . He has always opposed everything the US Armed Forces had to do . . if his judgement is bad, and it is consistently bad . . always, when the judgement is bad, it is in favor of our enemies and against the United States . . ."

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