Saturday, February 07, 2004

Something New
Something old
Somthing bloggy
My feet are cold

I've been reading Publicola, Candy Universe, and Ravenwood for ages now, guess I may as well blogroll them. Publicola and Ravenwood are good guardians of Freedom. You may step away from their sites feeling a little grouchy, but you will be better informed! Candy, befitting to the name, is lighter fare.

Lay Line is new to me - short, sweet and zingy.

Coyote at the Dogy Show points to a Fox News article on the mean things that crawl upon the earth, although his stance is certainly different from mine. I say, gibbets and crows for Martin Kaplan, who said "people have not grown up enough to make a distinction between artistic expression and vulgarity for profit." Fuck you very much, Mr. Kaplan. I got your artistic expression right here.

ooooooo! Tee hee hee! Look at me! I said 'fuck.' oooooo! I am so artistic!

I was going to post more, but now I'm all grouchy again. If you are grouchy too, maybe carrier pigeons and roosting moonbats may cheer you up.

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