Thursday, February 19, 2004

Pre10tious and Proud!

Yeah, I know I am once again 3 weeks behind the cool people . . . just leeme 'lone, ok?

Anyhow, some poor soul at kuro5hin went off his rocker and exploded in a fine fury of colorful but silly epiteths in what appears to be an attempt to protest the proliferation of blogs in general and the presence of blogs on google in particular. Mr. James A. C. Joyce (no pre10sions there, eh? poor guy) refers to bloggers as 'Pretentious Twats' and is then kind enough to list the specific qualities that really, as they say, 'chap his hide:'

* latte sipping
* IMac using
*suburban living
* Movable Type using, with trackbacks! eeeeviiillll!
* tertiary industry working (my personal favorite)

According to Mr. Joyce, some of us have sunk so low as to use words like "blogosphere" and "blogroll," and even, if the rumors are true (I hope not), punning! Oh, the shame!

John of ARRGGGHH!! was thoughtful enough to prepare a Pre10tious Twit Net Ring. I drink single bean coffee and single malt whiskey, use a PC and blogspot, so I fail 50% of Mr. Joyce's test. Luckily, however, these twits may be pre10tious, but they're not exclusive! I'm in! I am proud - nay, honored - to be a member of the Pre10tious Twit Net Ring and I feel sure, my fellow Twits, that one day this will be a world where we all know how to use a trackback, mow our suburban lawns, and turn on the Sports Channel to watch the Washington Wasps football game while sipping our latte/mocha/single bean/diesel, in peace and harmony.



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