Wednesday, February 11, 2004

People still suck, but I'm not sure I care

Apparently, during the medieval times when nastiness was the Western norm, some priest(s) decided jews should bear the sole responsibility for Christ's death. How they figured that by reading the scriptures is beyond me, but they managed. The last official date I've seen referenced is 1539, which is not to say there haven't been some nutcakes since then. I dunno, it's (it was) an Official Church thing and I don't pay much attention. Anyway, apparently these decidedly distasteful memories have jewish folks a little on the paranoid side.

On the other hand, Jesus was jewish, in a jewish town, with jewish leaders under Roman control, so, yeah, lots of jews come in to play in the gospels. I don't see how one could possibly remove jewish references from a Passion Play, since both the good guys and the bad guys were jewish.

About all I can say is, I won't hold you personally responsible for the crucification if you don't hold me personally responsible for the inquisition.

If you want to know who killed Jesus: I did. & I have a nasty feeling that every time I get into one of these pissing matches, I'm throwing another stone at Him.

On another level, you could say Jesus committed suicide. He died willingly, the sacrifice for our sins.

But everybody who watched the grammys still sucks. is dreadfully short-sighted.

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