Saturday, February 21, 2004

I didn't really want to post about gay marriage but I've read so much pernicious nonsense on the subject I guess I must. I've got errands to run this morning, tho, so it will have to wait. But briefly:

A right is an individual thing. Marriage, by definition, involves more than one person. 'Right,' as applied to marriage, is a non sequitur.

Marriage, for thousands and thousands of years, has meant the permanent union between a man and a woman. There can be no such thing as gay marriage, unless you want to start mucking with the English language. There has already been much mucking with English, to the point where it is scarcely possible for us to communicate with each other. This is a Bad Thing.

In its current state, from a political/social level only, marriage is a short-cut way to enter into a state-recognized contract.

Government in the US is set up to have 3 different branches, each branch having its own role but having equal prominence and authority with the other two. These three branches are executive, judicial, and legislative. It is the legislative branch that makes laws. When executive and judicial branches start making laws, we are looking down the maw of tyranny.

Freedom of assembly IS a right. Freedom to contract is arguably a right under amendment IX if nothing else; whether it classifies as a 'right' or not it's certainly a needed part of free enterprise and free assembly.

If you are gay, and you want the support of this 'thinks Rush Limbaugh is a little on the liberal side," gunnut libertarian, here's how to get it:

In the interests of clarity and decency, come up wiith another name for gay marriage. Some suggestions will follow in a later post, unless I get lazy.

Consider that there are sexual arrangements other than your own. If we toss out the meaning of marriage altogether, as (some of) you would have us do, we've tossed out all boundaries. I keep hearing that you just want to be responsible etc, but I don't see much action that supports it. When heteros or people with concerns about polygamy, bestiality, child abuse, bring up these concerns, it would behoove you to pay attention and prepare a thoughtful response, and not just shriek "wah! wah! you don't like me!" Lawsuits by polygamists have already been filed, based on the changes due to gay rights activists. Pedophiles are starting to form groups for PR and government petition, based on changes mades due to gay activists. It's not paranoia, but reality. Get your head out of the sand and start thinking about these issues like an adult.

Read up on the unique governmental structure of the United States. Understand how it (is supposed to) works amd why. YOU, gay people, are the ones who want this change; it is up to you to follow the rules in place and create and propose some workable solutions.

What is happening in SF is untenable. The couples that participated have stated, by their actions, that they are willing to piss away their rights, mine and yours, for the sake of meaningless feel-good. Whether they are fools, knaves, or both, I cannot tell, but their actions are childish and dangerous.

& Oh yeah - they don't have my support.

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